Saturday, 5 December 2015

Busy Busy Busy

Well despite all my good intentions it's been more than 6 weeks since I started my new blog and yet again no posts from me. All I can say is between work, housework and my gramsy duties it hadn't left much time for crafting or blogging .  But in this last week I have made a concerted effort to at least craft more and I have achieved this. I began by attending a craft workshop last Saturday at Karachter Krafts, the Doncaster shop owned by Kathryn Sturrock who is undoubtedly one of the Queens of clay crafting.  I had a wonderful day making 3d bears into a Christmas Countdown display and this time I remembered to photograph each step to remind me what I had done. But what I really need is Kathryn to do a dvd showing us how to make characters in 3d. Hopefully in  the New Year Kathryn will have the time because I know it will be a best seller in the craft world.

So having done some crafting for myself I decided to finish some of the book folds that have been sitting on my craft room windowsill.   7 books later my friend Amanda came and picked them up to help raise funds for the Special Needs School her son who has Autism attends. Well it was six books for the school, the seventh was an Autism Ribbon which was my gift to her because she is simply an amazing mum and I honestly don't know how she does it.  Fingers crossed the books raise a half decent amount for the school.

I have a few more books to finish and fold that have been ordered for christmas so my days off are going to be full on. Luckily I have no gramsy duties this week especially since my beautiful granddaughter is ill with a chest infection so there wouldn't have even been gramsy and Onyx craft time which I love. She may only be two but she watches and copies everything I do and she truly believes my Sapphire is hers bless her.

Ok enough rabbiting for now. If I can remember how I will add a couple of piccys of my crafty makes so if anyone stumbles across my blog they can see what I have been up to.